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Get an insider's look into the world of Ma Joie, an art gallery featuring works by disabled artists from around the world. Experience the beauty of art that knows no limits and celebrates diversity and ability like never before.

Blur Story Part 2

Jesfer Pullikathody

Mouth artist


Angel Ballerina

Ann Lund Wahlberg

Mouth artist


The Golden Light

Narayan Ramakrishnan

Foot artist



Cristóbal M. Toledo

Mouth artist



Nadeem Shaikh

Foot artist


Merging art with fashion

Discover the unique collection of wearable art at Ma Joie. This innovative space celebrates the creativity and talent of disabled artists from around the world, showcasing their unique and inspiring works in a range of wearable art products. From shirts to jewellery, each piece is an expression of the artists' skill, merging the worlds of art and fashion in a truly breathtaking way.

Artists with a difference?

Immerse yourself in the creative process of one of our talented MFPA artists, and discover the hidden beauty and inspiration behind each brush stroke. Through this video, you will see firsthand the passion, skill, and dedication that goes into every piece of art on display at Ma Joie.

About Ma Joie

Derived from the French word for ‘My Joy’, Ma Joie is MFPA’s (The Mouth & Foot painting Artists Association) one of a kind art gallery featuring never before seen artworks created by 'differently abled' artists from across the world.

Every single masterpiece showcased in this art gallery has been created by MFPA’s artists with either the paintbrush clenched with their teeth or gripped between their toes. Diverse and thought provoking, each of these amazing creations have been brought to life by these artists, originating from various cultures with their own individual experiences and philosophies.

So do come visit us in Fort Kochi, Kerala and experience art like never before.

Curated from the works of over 800

'differently abled' artists across the world

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